Invisible Circus:
No Dress Rehearsal

A Feature documentary by Naomi Smyth

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Have you seen or heard of the incredibly exciting and inspiring award-winning documentary film, Invisible Circus, No Dress Rehearsal?


The film tells the compelling story of a group of Bristol-based artists who overcome prejudices, stereotypes and frustrations with the law to put on some of the most amazing performances ever seen. Turning derelict high streets and buildings into wonderful artistic community spaces, is this the future for buildings that once housed HMV, Jessops and Woolworths?


This stunning film has already enjoyed great success, having been presented with a Dynamo Doc award, invited to a Channel 4 HQ screening, selling out its launch screening at Bristol’s Watershed, as well as an official screening at the 2012 Olympics.


We invite you to watch the trailer and book the film today.


To build on the great positivity already surrounding this film, we are now embarking on a tour of screenings across Yorkshire this spring and would like to invite you to be a part of this exciting

opportunity! As we want as many people as possible to see this film, we are offering a discounted license price of just £60 per screening reduced from £150 (that folks, is just 12 tickets at £5 and you’ve already reached break even! Anything else you make on the box office is yours to keep and put back into your community!)


We are looking to book screenings across the months of April, May and June this year. The film is available on DVD format or digital file. We will also provide a quad size cinema poster, press release materials, and venue listings on our website, Future Artists social media and mail outs.


If you think your customers would be interested, we are also happy to provide a pre-screening Q&A session with the film producer, subject to availability. We are offering this at no extra fee, just an expenses cover for the train fare and perhaps a complimentary beer!


As you can probably tell, we are pretty enthusiastic about Invisible Circus. We have already built a wide media following and will be promoting our screening tour extensively across broadsheet newspapers; film magazines; local radio stations and we’re already all over Facebook and Twitter. If you would like to see more information about the film, please visit




We would love you to get in touch so we can discuss these fantastic prospects in further detail. All bookings must be made by Friday 1st March in order to benefit from the discounted screening price, so please phone 07738393567 or email at your earliest convenience to avoid missing out!


We look forward to hearing from you.



Best regards


Carla Freeman

Of the Future Artists On Demand Team

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Future Artists has the pleasure of distributing 'Invisible Circus: No Dress Rehearsal' world-wide, you can view on VOD now on this website, or purchase the limited edition DVD handcrafted by the director herself from Amazon, or attend one of the many UK and world-wide screenings.

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